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What is during interest in north-east Syria is some-more than a predestine of a Kurdish people or a unconstrained homeland of Rojava or even a quarrel opposite Isis. What is during interest is humanity’s ability to tarry a stream civilisational predicament and to suppose new alternatives before it’s too late.

Turkish primary apportion Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s brutal advance of Rojava is regulating 20th-century techniques of impassioned assault and genocide, notwithstanding a admitted “ceasefire”. Turkey’s atmosphere force is raining down napalm and white phosphorus on trusting civilians. At a same time, jihadi squads are massacring journey civilians as atonement for Rojava’s quarrel opposite Isis and their purpose as arguably a most critical fan to a west in a region.

The US, a UK, France, Russia and other purported superpowers are actively betraying both general law and a Geneva gathering by permitting and facilitating a racial clarification and function of Rojava. Turkey’s aim is clear: to exterminate what all nazi powers fear most, a giveaway people adventurous to emanate brave and successful experiments outward a globalised, extractive system.

Since 2012, around 5 million people – Kurds, Arabs, Assyrians, Turkmen, Yazidis and others – have built a unconstrained segment of Rojava, demonstrating how a multi-ethnic multitude can respectfully coexist over a constraints of republic state, patriarchy and capitalism. By compelling radically approved and decentralised self-governance, equity between genders, regenerative agriculture, a probity complement formed on settlement and inclusion of minorities, a Rojava examination has presented a vital instance of probability underneath a many unfit of circumstances. We inspire readers to examination a Rojavan Charter of a Social Contract for inspiration.

Western leaders are impersonation consolation while American, German and British arms manufacturers are actively offered weapons to Turkey. It is transparent that a widespread complement can't and will not urge those seeking to try other ways of meaningful and being. As a detained Kurdish personality Abdullah Öcalan writes: “The genuine energy of entrepreneur modernity isn’t a income and a weapons, [but] a ability to stifle all utopias […] with a liberalism.”

However, a flourishing carol of allies are rising adult around a world. From Haiti to Lebanon, from Chile to Iraq, from Cameroon to a US, from a UK to Hong Kong, amicable revolutions are opposed a arise of fascism, short-termism, greed, meridian drop and crusade that are compulsory to column adult a existent mercantile paradigm. The conflict lines are apropos clearer. Domination contra cooperation, colonisation contra autonomy, hardship contra freedom, patriarchy contra partnership – these values are a diverge and weft of a defining onslaught for a destiny of humanity.

For Rojava to tarry and for probity to truly prevail, those rising adult in their internal context contingency mount together creatively with common voice, values and visions for tellurian systems change. Rojava is fighting for a same reasons as a awakening infancy from around a world. It has shown that a approach out of amicable and ecological predicament is not by GDP-focused “development”, though rather with decentralised unconstrained communities.

Making such communities work in some-more and some-more places, by regenerating ecosystems, recovering a common mishap and formulating amicable structures of oneness and trust, is a transformational work of a times. Once we see a struggles as inherently interdependent with any other, and with a web of life itself, no army on a universe will be means to stop a unavoidable transition.

As leaders from amicable movements, communities and First Nations from around a world, we mount in oneness with a prophesy and work of Rojava. We urge for their resilience, insurance and perseverance. We urge that we will listen to and learn from a vital Earth as she continues to uncover us how to emanate societies that live in team-work with all beings. We urge that those in positions of energy be reminded of their amiability and finish this advance immediately.
LaDonna Brave Bull Allard Standing Rock, Turtle Island (USA)
Salim Dara Rural Solidarity, Benin
Eve Ensler One Billion Rising, USA
Sabine Lichtenfels Tamera Peace Research Center, Portugal
Tiokasin Ghosthorse First Voices Indigenous Radio, Turtle Island (USA)
Alnoor Ladha The Rules, Canada
Gildardo Tuberquia Peace Community of San José de Apartadó, Colombia
Yael Ronen Maxim Gorki Theater, Germany
Sami Awad Holy Land Trust, Palestine
Gigi Coyle Beyond Boundaries, USA
Joshua Konkankoh Better World, Cameroon
Stuart Basden Extinction Rebellion, UK
Aida Shibli Global Campus, Palestine
Claudio Miranda Favela da Paz, Brazil
Rajendra Singh Tarun Bharat Sangh, India

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