Sonderurlaub: When are we entitled to paid leave from work in Germany?

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All full-time employees in Germany who work a full-day week, are entitled to during slightest 20 paid vacation days by law. This is a unclothed minimum, however, with many companies charity between 25 and 30 days per year – or even more.

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Yet what about days that aren’t for holiday, though rather something that needs to be finished during normal operative hours, such as relocating residence or caring for a child who falls sick? And what about large life events, like weddings or eremite ceremonies?

We’ve got some good news for you: these can validate for paid-time off work outward of a normal holiday stipend – with a few exceptions. Here’s what qualifies for a supposed Sonderurlaub, or special holiday. 


While on a one palm it’s an sparkling time, relocating residence can be a genuine pain. Packing adult all of your cherished security takes time that many of those clocking in full time hours simply don’t have. 

That’s since we can take a whine of use to know that moving qualifies for a paid day off work underneath dual core conditions: we are relocating for your pursuit – for instance being eliminated to another plcae – and a pierce needs to take place on a weekday or during work time, for instance since we have to be out of your home by a finish of a month. 

That said, Germany is a heavily unionized country, and any kinship has a possess special manners and exceptions to a ubiquitous law. For example, a kinship IG Metall grants a employees a day off work for a move, regardless if they are relocating for work-related reasons or not.

Public zone use employees can also design a day giveaway from a job, even if they are only relocating their effects subsequent door. 

In some cases when a pierce requires a good stretch and effort, your employer can be pretty approaching to extend we a few days off of work. 


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Have an titillate to tie a tangle on a Wednesday afternoon? Maybe you’ll be some-more adult for it when we learn it means a day off of work – in further to a correct holiday time that we wish we also carve out for a Honeymoon. The same relates for polite unions. 

In some cases, this time off work can be postulated for adult to 3 days, in box we wish to carve off some-more time following a standard Sunday celebration. Yet paid time off typically is not longer than a day. 

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Special anniversaries

What improved approach to applaud a work anniversary than not working? That’s during slightest a truth of many open zone jobs that will extend a day off of work for 25th and 40th anniversaries of time logged during work. Although if we strech a latter, we wish that we are good on your approach to retirement soon!

The same relates to celebrating your possess 25th marriage anniversary, or a 25th or 50th marriage anniversary of your parents. Some unions will also extend their employees a day off for these special celebrations, famous respectively as china and golden weddings in Germany. 

Birth of your possess child

It should go though observant that, in further to a inexhaustible Elternzeit (parental leave) that both relatives are entitled to in Germany, we can also take time off for a birth of your child. This doesn’t only request to a lady giving birth though also her partner. 

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An injury

According to Section 616 of a German Civil Code, an employer contingency continue to compensate a income to a worker following an damage that prevents them from operative underneath a following dual conditions: a damage wasn’t caused by a worker themselves, and lasts “a comparatively considerate volume of time,” nonetheless in Germany this can meant adult to 6 months. 

Doctor visits

Photo: DPA

Employees are also postulated time off within a march of a operative day for alloy and medical visits. For some-more complete procedures that camber some-more that partial of a day – an operation, for instance – a worker can accept adult to a few days off of work.

Taking caring of a ill family member

If a family member underneath your caring falls ill and needs your care, we are entitled to adult to 10 days Sonderurlaub, even on remarkable notice, and adult to 6 months delinquent time off from work.

Religious reasons

Employees can also take time off in sequence to attend eremite ceremonies such as a communion or confirmation, nonetheless either this is paid depends on a employer. They are also authorised to leave work during a day in sequence to urge as prolonged as this has formerly been communicated with a employer.

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In a unhappy eventuality that someone tighten to we passes away, we are entitled a paid day of protest leave. For tighten family members, this is customarily dual days. Of course, this is a unclothed smallest created into law, and many employers will also make exceptions formed on a particular case. 

Other forms of leave

Germany also grants a inexhaustible volume of paid leave for relatives (Elternzeit), ill leave, educational leave (Bildungsurlaub), and unemployment.

You can revisit a guides on a following and hit us during with additional questions or comments.

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