Seven maps that assistance explain Bavaria

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Bavaria might be a home of all things deliberate stereotypically German: drink gardens, Lederhosen, Volksmusik and a Nuremberg Christmas Market. Even a famous Reinheitsgebot, or drink virginity law that usually allows a use of 3 mixture (water, barley and hops) has origins in Bavaria.

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The state’s story stretches behind good over 2000 years, from Celtic tribes to a Holy Roman Empire, formulating a unapproachable and normal enlightenment that attracts visitors from all over a world. 

Here are a basics. 

Location in Germany

Bavaria is located in a southeast dilemma of Germany and takes adult around a fifth of a country’s land mass. Baden-Württemberg forms a limit on a West, Hesse to a Northwest, and Thuringia and Saxony are in a North. Munich, with a race of scarcely 1.5 million, is a state collateral and a third-largest in Germany overall.

The state is bordered internationally by a Czech Republic to a East, Austria to a Southeast, Lichtenstein to a South and Switzerland to a Southwest. 

Source: Depositphotos/artalis


This is a demeanour during a dominion of Bavaria around 900 AD. Numerous families tranquil a duchy around this time, though a area mislaid vast tracts of land around 975, coinciding with a first of Austria.

Source: Johann Christoph von Aretin/Alois Senefelder around Wikimedia

Even earlier, Bavaria was tranquil by Celtic tribes and afterwards a Roman Empire. After a duration of duchy control showed on this map, Bavaria was incorporated into a Holy Roman Empire, afterwards became an eccentric kingdom, was partial of Prussia’s German Empire, and was finally incorporated into a Bundesrepublik in 1949. 


Source: Von Grundkarte TUBS around Wikimedia

The Bavarian alps form a limit between Germany and Austria. This towering operation is also home to Germany’s tallest mountain, a Zugspitze nearby a Austrian border. The famous Garmisch-Partenkirchen ski review is located here as well, nonetheless there are many other options for skiing in a state. 

Cultural heritage

This map shows a preference of Bavaria’s many obvious castles. Neuschwanstein Castle, located distant South nearby a Bavarian Alps, is one of a many famous castles in Europe.

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Finally, we arrive during a “White Sausage Equator,” a tongue-in-cheek tenure used to report a informative disproportion between Southern Bavaria and Northern or Central Germany. The limit is named after a normal Bavarian Weißwurst, a tack plate in a region.

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