Scottish Labour personality hits behind in indyref2 row

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Media captionRichard Leonard: “I am transparent that a Labour Party’s position during a impulse is antithesis to a second autonomy referendum.”

The Scottish Labour personality has strike behind during suggestions from shade chancellor John McDonnell that a celebration would not conflict an autonomy referendum.

Richard Leonard pronounced he had done transparent to Mr McDonnell that there is “no case” for a second referendum.

He also claimed that a infancy of people in Scotland were still against to one being held.

Mr McDonnell has pronounced a Labour supervision would not retard any ask from Holyrood to reason a vote.

His comments – that have been heavily criticised by several comparison Scottish Labour total – protest a party’s ubiquitous choosing declaration oath to sequence out a referendum, as good as prior open statements by Mr Leonard.

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  • Sturgeon points to ‘growing urgency’ for independence

Mr Leonard told BBC Scotland that Labour’s central process is still to conflict a referendum.

He pronounced he had oral to Mr McDonnell to “put to him a really transparent perspective that a people of Scotland do not wish a second autonomy referendum and also to remind him that a final autonomy referendum was ostensible to be once in a generation”.

Mr Leonard added: “I was inaugurated 18 months ago directly by a members of a Scottish Labour Party, and one of a tools of a height we stood on was transparent antithesis to a second autonomy referendum.

“So we consider it’s flattering transparent where we stand, it’s flattering transparent where a membership of a Scottish Labour Party mount and that’s a perspective that we’ll be communicating.

“We will be doing all we can do to make certain it is in a Labour declaration for a ubiquitous election, whenever it comes”.

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Mr Leonard is traditionally seen as a tighten fan of UK Labour personality Jeremy Corbyn

He also pronounced that, should Labour win a ubiquitous election, Mr McDonnell would have some-more dire priorities to understanding with as Chancellor than an autonomy referendum – such as “resolving austerity, investing in open services and perplexing to tackle whatever conditions we find ourselves in with Brexit”.

An opinion check published on Monday put support for autonomy during 52% in Scotland – with 48% against – once those who do not know how they would opinion were excluded.

But Mr Leonard pronounced his position on a second referendum would usually change if a will of a Scottish people was shown to be “demonstrably” opposite from 2014, when electorate deserted autonomy by 55% to 45%.

It comes amid conjecture that Labour and a SNP are relocating towards some form of agreement that would see a parties join army during Westminster in an try to mislay Boris Johnson from Downing Street and force a ubiquitous election.

Former Scottish Labour personality Kezia Dugdale predicted in June that Mr Corbyn would determine to reason an autonomy referendum if he indispensable SNP support to form a government.

And Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s initial apportion and a SNP leader, told a Guardian on Tuesday that her celebration would “always wish to be partial of a on-going choice to a Tory government”.

However, Ms Sturgeon also stressed that she was “no good fan of Jeremy Corbyn” and pronounced she “can’t see a SNP going into grave bloc with Labour.”

What did Mr McDonnell say?

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Mr McDonnell has been interviewed in dual apart Edinburgh Fringe events

Mr McDonnell was being interviewed by LBC broadcaster Iain Dale during a Edinburgh Fringe on Tuesday when he pronounced it would be “for a Scottish Parliament and a Scottish people to decide” either a referendum should be reason before creation a grave ask for agree to a “English parliament”.

The shade chancellor went on to say: “We would not retard something like that. We would let a Scottish people decide. That’s democracy. There are other views within a celebration though that’s a view”.

A Labour orator after insisted that Mr McDonnell was “clearly not advocating a second autonomy referendum” and had “made transparent a outrageous advantage a UK Labour supervision will move for a people of Scotland”.

The shade chancellor steady his comments about not restraint a referendum during a apart Edinburgh Fringe talk on Wednesday – though pronounced a many critical thing was removing a Labour government. He also ruled out a grave electoral agreement with a SNP.

What other greeting has there been?

Edinburgh South MP Ian Murray told a BBC’s Good Morning Scotland programme that Mr McDonnell’s comments had clearly not been a trip of a tongue.

He pronounced it was “not a initial time that comparison members of a Labour care have come to Scotland and freelanced on this large emanate and got it wrong”.

Mr Murray appears to have been referring to comments done in a past by Labour personality Jeremy Corbyn, who has formerly pronounced that a referendum would be “absolutely fine” and that he would not sequence out extenuation consent for one to be reason if he becomes primary minister.

The MP added: “This is an emanate that is in a grasp of a devolved Scottish Labour Party, and that should be a process that holds”.

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Twitter post by @NicolaSturgeon: John McDonnell’s position on #indyre2 is a matter of simple democracy - though given check display 40% of Labour electorate support autonomy it also creates domestic sense. @scottishlabour greeting goes some approach to explaining a existential predicament they face.
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Ms Sturgeon has pronounced she wants to reason a referendum on autonomy within a subsequent dual years – though has pronounced grave agree would need to be postulated by Westminster before it happens.

She has welcomed Mr McDonnell’s comments on indyref2 as being “basic democracy”.

But Scottish Conservative personality Ruth Davidson claimed that Mr McDonnell was paving a approach for a “pact with a SNP in sequence to parachute Jeremy Corbyn into Number 10”.

She added: “The fact is this – Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell would happily sell Scotland down a stream if they suspicion it could give them a spot of power.

“That is a arrange profanation of a dual million Scots – including thousands of Labour electorate – who voted to stay partial of a UK.”

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