Russia and China ’invasion’ of South Korean airspace could be threat to US world order

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The warplanes from the two states invaded what is known as the Korean Air Defence Identification Zone (KADIZ) over the disputed Liancourt Rocks in what could be seen as Moscow’s latest attempt to undermine the Pentagon’s dominance on the world stage, Newsweek reports. Following the territorial interference, a South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff labelled the move as an “invasion”. The statement added: “This is the first time Russian military aircraft have invaded our airspace.”

In defence of the supposed territorial “invasion”, South Korea scrambled jets to deter the intruders.
The Joint Chiefs of Staff concluded that the jets “took tactical action including dropping flares and firing a warning shot”.

According to the report from Newsweek, South Korean F-15Ks and F-16Ks fighter jets fired “fired some 10 rounds of flares and 80 warning shots” after Russian warplanes did not to warning over their encroachment.

Following the event, both Moscow and Beijing denied the account fro South Korea.
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying insisted that the that he was unaware of “the specific situation”.

Moreover, in a bold warning to South Korea, Beijing warned that the word “invaded” should be used with caution.

As well as South Korea, Japan’s Defence Ministry also deployed forces in order to deter Russia and Japanese warplanes.

Japan added that its forces “responded by launching fighter jets urgently”.

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