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As a initial Armenian in a British parliament, we am vivacious during a opinion by a US House of Representatives on Tuesday final week to recognize a Armenian genocide of a century ago (US House overwhelmingly votes to recognize Armenian genocide, 30 October).

But we sojourn perturbed by a British government’s refusal to acknowledge a electrocute of an estimated 1.5 million Armenians in a call of assault that followed a tumble of a Ottoman empire. The common overpower over a Armenian genocide was cited by Hitler as he plotted a murder of Europe’s Jewish population.

It is a source of heated pain and bewail to me and my compatriots that a possess supervision persists in denying a genocide out of fear of offending Turkey, a Nato ally. At slightest 20 countries around a universe have rigourously recognized a electrocute as genocide – among them France, Germany, Italy, Russia and a European parliament. Now a House of Representatives has assimilated them.

My good grandfather and his sons were executed by Ottoman supervision army in 1915. His daughter, my grandmother, afterwards a teenager, usually transient by sanctimonious to be dead. She walked barefoot with her mom from Erzerum, where a family lived, nearing weeks after in Mosul, northern Iraq. we was innate in Baghdad, where we lived as refugees.

It is excessive for a British supervision to continue to repudiate a Armenian genocide. Genocide is a tellurian issue. We have seen it in Rwanda and Darfur and in what happened to Christian communities during a hands of Isis in Syria and northern Iraq. The House fortitude says a US supervision should no longer associate itself “with rejection of a Armenian genocide or any other genocide”. Our possess council should do a same.
Prof Ara Darzi
Director, Institute of Global Health Innovation, Imperial College London

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