NDC Response to South Korean President’s Statement on Cheonan Sinking

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DPRK National Defense Commission spokesman’s answer: “Traitorous Gang Can Never Shirk Responsibility of Concocting Anti-Republic Farce”

DPRK National Defense Commission (NDC) spokesman’s answer hypocrite Lee Myung-bak, who has been cornered given we simplified during home and abroad a scrupulous position on a occurrence of a boat Cheonan’s sinking, took it on his illegitimate self to announce a supposed residence to a people on 24 May.

Regarding this, a orator for a DPRK NDC gave a following answer to a Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reporter’s doubt on 24 May:

The residence to a people that hypocrite Lee Myung-bak released is another awkward imitation directed during concealing a temperament of a phony and a imitation a illegitimate himself enthusiastically threw himself into cooking adult and a sophism by an anti-Republic fight left-wing left crazy with abrasive his associate countrymen.

This is a specifically sum crime totally negating and abrogating a ancestral 15 Jun Joint Declaration and a unsentimental program, a 4 Oct Declaration.

We already know some-more than good that hypocrite Lee Myung-bak, carrying perceived a gauge from his master, concocted a phony and imitation to personally harm his associate countrymen in a precipitate in sequence to pursue sinister objectives.

In this vein, a residence to a people that a hypocrite prattled is yet a pretence he is regulating for fear that a phony and imitation that a master and a companion put their heads together and baked adult competence be exposed.

This is a really reason because he can't accept a NDC review group even yet he is aloud publicizing about systematic and design review results.

If a diabolic squad does not have anything to be ashamed of, it ought to accept a review team.

The diabolic squad contingency keep in mind that it can never shirk a shortcoming of concocting a awkward phony and imitation opposite us.

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