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Office of a Press Secretary


For Immediate Release Jun 16, 2009


Washington, D.C.

Jun 16, 2009

The United States of America and a Republic of Korea are building an Alliance to safeguard a peaceful, secure and moneyed destiny for a Korean Peninsula, a Asia-Pacific region, and a world.

Our open societies, a joining to giveaway democracy and a marketplace economy, and a postulated partnership yield a substructure for a fast friendship, common values, and mutual honour that firmly connect a American and Korean peoples.

The holds that underpin a Alliance and a partnership are strengthened and enriched by a tighten family among a citizens. We oath to continue programs and efforts to build even closer ties between a societies, including team-work among business, civic, cultural, academic, and other institutions.

The United States-Republic of Korea Mutual Defense Treaty stays a cornerstone of a U.S.-ROK certainty relationship, that has guaranteed assent and fortitude on a Korean Peninsula and in Northeast Asia for over fifty years. Over that time, a certainty Alliance has strengthened and a partnership has widened to ring political, economic, amicable and informative cooperation. Together, on this plain foundation, we will build a extensive vital fondness of bilateral, informal and tellurian scope, formed on common values and mutual trust. Together, we will work shoulder-to-shoulder to tackle hurdles confronting both a nations on interest of a subsequent generation.

The Alliance is bettering to changes in a 21st Century certainty environment. We will say a clever invulnerability posture, corroborated by associated capabilities that support both nations’ certainty interests. The stability joining of extended deterrence, including a U.S. chief umbrella, reinforces this assurance. In advancing a common devise for restructuring a Alliance, a Republic of Korea will take a lead purpose in a total invulnerability of Korea, upheld by an fast and able U.S. troops force participation on a Korean Peninsula, in a region, and beyond.

We will continue to lower a clever common economic, trade and investment relations. We commend that a Korea-U.S. (KORUS) Free Trade Agreement could serve strengthen these ties and we are committed to operative together to draft a approach forward. We aim to make low-carbon immature expansion into a new engine for tolerable mercantile wealth and will closely concur in this regard. We will strengthen polite space cooperation, and work closely together on purify appetite investigate and a pacific uses of chief energy.

Through a Alliance we aim to build a improved destiny for all people on a Korean Peninsula, substantiating a durable assent on a Peninsula and heading to pacific reunification on a beliefs of giveaway democracy and a marketplace economy. We will work together to grasp a finish and verifiable rejecting of North Korea’s chief weapons and existent chief programs, as good as ballistic barb programs, and to encourage honour for a elemental tellurian rights of a North Korean people.

In a Asia-Pacific segment we will work jointly with informal institutions and partners to encourage prosperity, keep a peace, and urge a daily lives of a people of a region. We trust that open societies and open economies emanate wealth and support tellurian dignity, and a nations and county organizations will encourage tellurian rights, democracy, giveaway markets, and trade and investment liberalization in a region. To raise certainty in a Asia-Pacific, a governments will disciple for, and take partial in, effective mild informal efforts to encourage mutual understanding, certainty and clarity per certainty issues among a nations of a region.

Our governments and a adults will work closely to residence a tellurian hurdles of terrorism, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, piracy, orderly crime and narcotics, meridian change, poverty, transgression on tellurian rights, appetite security, and widespread disease. The Alliance will raise coordination on peacekeeping, post-conflict stabilization and growth assistance, as is being undertaken in Iraq and Afghanistan. We will also strengthen coordination in multilateral mechanisms directed during tellurian mercantile liberation such as a G20.

The United States of America and a Republic of Korea will work to grasp a common Alliance goals by vital team-work during each level. Proven common mechanisms such as a Security Consultative Meeting and a Strategic Consultations for Allied Partnership will sojourn executive to realizing this common prophesy for a Alliance.

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