Joint Statement of ROK-U.S. Foreign and Defense Ministers’ Meeting

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Joint Statement of ROK-U.S. Foreign and Defense Ministers’ Meeting
On a Occasion of a 60th Anniversary of a Outbreak of a Korean War

Seoul, Jul 21, 2010

ROK Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Yu Myung-hwan and Minister of National Defense Kim Tae-young, and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates met in Seoul on Jul 21, 2010, to commemorate a 60th anniversary of a conflict of a Korean War, that gave birth to a ROK-U.S. Alliance.

The Ministers reflected on a common scapegoat and loyalty to urge leisure and democracy during a Korean War, and concurred that a ROK-U.S. Alliance has promoted assent and fortitude not usually on a Korean Peninsula, though also in Northeast Asia, and has developed into a strong, successful and fast alliance.

They also remarkable a ancestral stress of a Joint Vision for a Alliance of a Republic of Korea and a United States of America adopted by a dual leaders in Jun 2009 and affianced to continue to allege fondness team-work bilaterally, regionally, and globally.

The Ministers validated a mutual responsibilities and indifferent commitments of a dual countries founded on a ROK-U.S. Mutual Defense Treaty, that has served as a bedrock of a associated partnership. They committed to say a strong total invulnerability viewpoint able of deterring and defeating any and all North Korean threats, including by recently announced common skeleton to control a array of corner troops exercises over a entrance months in a ROK and off a easterly and west coasts of a Korean Peninsula. They also affianced to rise a alliance’s prophesy for destiny invulnerability cooperation.

In support of their Presidents’ new decision, a Ministers also motionless to finish a new plan, Strategic Alliance 2015, by this year’s Security Consultative Meeting (SCM), including a transition of wartime Operational Control (OPCON) to a ROK troops in Dec 2015. The transition of wartime OPCON is to ensue by tighten coordination between a dual countries to means and raise a Alliance’s total invulnerability viewpoint and capabilities.

The Ministers welcomed a UN Security Council Presidential Statement (S/PRST/2010/13) on Jul 9, 2010 condemning a conflict by North Korea, that led to a falling of a Cheonan. They common a perspective that such an insane troops irritation poses a grave hazard to assent and fortitude not usually on a Korean Peninsula though also in a region. The Ministers urged North Korea to take shortcoming for a attack. They also called on North Korea to refrain from serve attacks or hostilities opposite a ROK and underscored that there would be critical consequences for any such insane behavior.

The Ministers urged North Korea to desert all a chief programs and a office of chief weapons in a finish and verifiable manner, and to denote a genuine will for denuclearization with petrify actions. They also urged North Korea to urge tellurian rights conditions and vital standards for a people in team-work with a general community.

Building on a Jun 2009 Joint Vision, a Ministers validated their joining to enlarge and lower a operation of Alliance cooperation. They common a perspective that flourishing political, economic, social, scientific, technological, and informative common team-work will boost a mutual bargain and honour between a adults on a basement of common values and trust. They also committed to work together some-more closely and comprehensively during a informal and tellurian levels.

Reaffirming a pinnacle significance of a KORUS FTA, they affianced to work towards resolution as discussed by a dual Presidents in Toronto final month. They also affianced to work towards a new ROK-U.S. Agreement for Cooperation on Civil Uses of Atomic Energy in a jointly profitable approach in sequence to accommodate a hurdles of meridian change and appetite confidence in a future.

Furthermore, a Ministers welcomed a tighten mutual team-work on a far-reaching operation of issues within informal frameworks including a ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) and a Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) and committed to work closely together to serve foster peace, fortitude and wealth in a region. They also discussed a Northeast Asia informal confidence sourroundings and ways a Alliance can rise to residence new hurdles in this energetic region.

Meanwhile, a Ministers exchanged ideas about ways to accommodate a tellurian hurdles of terrorism, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, financial crisis, transnational crimes, meridian change, widespread disease, appetite security, and graduation of immature growth, and motionless to continue corner efforts in this regard. They also exchanged views about how growth assistance can boost fortitude and security, and motionless to boost coordination of growth assistance programs around a universe to assistance grasp a common goals.

The Ministers common a perspective that they would pull on a lessons schooled by a rebuilding of a ROK in a decades following a harmful Korean War to strengthen mild efforts for fortitude and reformation in Afghanistan, and around a world. The U.S. side welcomed a ROK’s promulgation of a Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) to Afghanistan, and a ROK side validated a integrity to support security, governance, and growth in Afghanistan. They also welcomed ROK-U.S. coordination and team-work in other areas including a efforts to fight robbery nearby a Horn of Africa and peacekeeping efforts in Haiti.

The Ministers remarkable a dual countries share mutual views on how to face tellurian challenges, as evidenced by a United States formerly hosting a Nuclear Security Summit and a G20 summit, and a ROK hosting these events in a future.

The Ministers concurred that today’s Foreign and Defense Ministers’ Meeting was really prolific and useful, and motionless to reason unfamiliar and invulnerability officials’ meetings during a emissary minister/assistant secretary level. They also affianced to continue to rise a existent ministerial consultations of Strategic Consultation for Allied Partnership (SCAP) and Security Consultative Meeting (SCM) and to cruise holding serve Foreign and Defense Ministers’ meetings, as necessary. /End/

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