Iran Army, IRGC to control corner atmosphere drills

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The drills would be a third array of exercises by a Air Forces of a Army and a IRGC, Deputy Commander of Iran’s Air Force Brigadier General Hamid Vahedi told reporters on Thursday, IRNA reported.

Vahedi pronounced a Army-IRGC Air Forces drills communicate a summary of assent and loyalty to a adjacent and accessible countries in a region.

National Sacred Defense Week that starts in Iran as of Shahrivar 31 (according to a Iranian calendar year) descending on Sep 22 this year, outlines advance of a Iraqi Ba’ath regime on Iran in 1980 when an eight-year imposed fight began opposite Iran by a Iraqi tyrant Saddam Hussein who was after executed on 30 Dec 2006.

Sacred Defense reminds Iran of people’s insurgency and a armed forces’ sacrifices.

Iraq’s 8 years of imposed fight gave Iran 230,000 martyrs and 600,000 war-disabled while 43,000 Iranians were kept serf by a Iraqi army and many others have left missing.

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