Hesse: Seven maps that explain a home of Germany’s financial hub

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A clever economy, lots of deciduous forests, and a happy population? Here are a few maps that explain because this executive German state is doing so well. 

Location in Germany

The state of Hesse, or the Land Hessen, is located in executive western Germany. It is bordered by a German states of Lower Saxony, Thuringia, Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia.

The collateral of a Bundesland is Wiesbaden and a many populous city is Frankfurt am Main. 

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Source: Depositphotos/Dovla982


The state of Hesse was total in 1946 following World War II by US troops forces. First dubbed Greater Hesse, a state was shaped by mixing tools of a a Grant Duchy of Hesse (Upper Hesse and Starkenburg), as good as a Prussian provinces of Hesse and Nassau. 

Source: WikiNight2 around Wikimedia

In a map above, Hesse forms a northernmost partial of a US function section noted with yellow. 

Frankfurt and Darmstadt were weighed as options to be a new capital, though both cities were extensively shop-worn from a war. In Frankfurt alone, around 5,500 civilians mislaid their lives and about 12,000 tons of explosives were forsaken on a city. 

In a open of 1944, British army had also obliterated Frankfurt’s Gothic city centre. Ultimately Wiesbaden, that also lies in a southern partial of a state nearby Darmstadt and Frankfurt, and that had perceived many reduction damage, was selected as a state’s capital.


Despite a vast civil area in a south, Hesse is Germany’s greenest state, with 42 percent of a land lonesome by forest. The state also encompasses partial of Germany’s Mittelgebirge, or Central Mountain Region. 

Source: Lencer around Wikimedia

The largest rivers using by a state are a Fulda and Eder in a north, and a Rhine and Main in a south. 

Strong economy

Hesse, along with Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, is one of a western German states with a strongest economies.  

Source: Radom1967 around Wikimedia

According to Eurostat, a GDP per capita, practiced to discharge cost differences opposite borders, reached €41,300 in 2017, that was 13 commission points above a German normal of €36,400.


Frankfurt am Main, a home of the European Central Bank and a Deutsche Bank, is a financial collateral of Germany and one of a many critical cities internationally for a financial sector.

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It is also home to Germany’s batch exchange, called Die Frankfurter Wertpapierbörse

Frankfurt is a fortitude of a Rhine-Main Metropolitan area, which, with roughly 6 million inhabitants, is a second largest civil segment after a Rhine-Ruhr area in North Rhine-Westphalia.

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The segment extends into tools of Bavaria and Rhineland Palatinate, though a bulk of a race resides within a end of Hesse. 


According to a Deutsche Post’s “Happiness Atlas” project, Hesse is a second-happiest state in all of Germany, losing usually to Schleswig-Holstein in a distant north.  

Map translated by Statista for The Local Germany.

With a total rating of 7.31 out of 10, Hesse’s complacency is distant above a 6.76 out of 10 reported in Brandenburg, that has a lowest rating in all of Germany. 


In Jun of this year, refugee-friendly politician Walter Lübcke was shot and killed in his home in Kassel by a famous worried extremist. This led to peaceful city-wide demonstrations opposite a arise of worried violence.

Despite this highly-publicized crime, a series of politically encouraged acts of worried assault in Hesse are low when compared to other states, generally in East Germany

The state of Hesse, along with other Western German states like North Rhine-Westphalia and Bavaria, took in vast numbers of refugees in 2015.

Frankfurt is also one of a many different cities in a country, with over half of a inhabitants carrying an immigration background, according to city statistics. 

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