Hakuho off to winning start during New Year tourney

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Hakuho started his office for a record-extending 44th career championship on a winning note on Sunday, while associate grand champion Kakuryu suffered a intolerable better on a opening day of a New Year Grand Sumo Tournament.

Hakuho seized komusubi Daieisho’s belt with his right palm following a initial strife and simply forced a komusubi out in a final hitch of a day during Tokyo’s Ryogoku Kokugikan.

With a win, a Mongolian-born yokozuna was means to accurate punish for a detriment to Daieisho during a prior contest in November. Hakuho, who won in Fukuoka with a 14-1 record, has not won a New Year basho given 2015. He has suggested his long-term idea of capturing 50 Emperor’s Cups.

In a day’s penultimate bout, yokozuna Kakuryu mislaid to No. 1 maegashira Endo and unsuccessful to make a winning lapse from injuries that forced him to repel from dual prior meets.

While his health and aptness remained in doubt after pang a cold during a finish of a year, a Mongolian yokozuna stepped behind out of a ring underneath vigour as he attempted to govern a slap down.

While Hakuho and Kakuryu suffered churned fates on a opening day of a 15-day meet, a younger stars also enjoyed a share of a spotlight.

In one of a many expected bouts of a day, sekiwake Asanoyama kick No. 2 Mitakeumi in his initial hitch in a sport’s third-highest rank.

The 25-year-old Asanoyama was bulldozed toward a corner by Mitakeumi, who is fighting as a rank-and-file wrestler for a initial time given Jan 2017. But a immature sekiwake remained organisation and reason Mitakeumi’s belt with both hands before shoving him out.

Ozeki Takakeisho, a youngest wrestler in a top-flight makuuchi multiplication during 23, simply dispatched No. 1 Myogiryu. Takakeisho resisted Myogiryu’s slaps, and quietly pushed out his 157-kg opponent.

Fan-favorite Takakeisho is gunning for his second championship.

No. 5 Enho, a lightest makuuchi multiplication wrestler during 99 kilograms, perceived a outrageous acclaim after he overcame a 69-kg waste opposite No. 6 Takarafuji, who seemed to have a advantage from a start. Following a stand-off in a core of a ring, Enho resisted Takarafuji’s try for a maladroit belt reason and threw him down.

Meanwhile, ozeki Goeido and sekiwake Takayasu suffered upsets to rank-and-filers Hokutofuji and Tamawashi, respectively.

Fighting as a demotion-threatened kadoban ozeki, Goeido was bearing down by No. 2 Hokutofuji.

Takayasu, who needs 10 wins to acquire re-promotion to ozeki, was fast shoved out by No. 3 Tamawashi, a 2019 New Year champion.

No. 17 Kiribayama, a tournament’s usually makuuchi-division debutant, survived a shock opposite former sekiwake Kaisei for his initial win on a chosen division.


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