Former tip plantation method central admits murdering reserved son

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A former tip proxy during a plantation method certified to murdering his socially reserved son on Wednesday, a initial day of his high-profile conference in Tokyo.

Hideaki Kumazawa, 76, a former clamp apportion for agriculture, forestry and fisheries, is on conference for stabbing his 44-year-old son Eiichiro in a neck mixed times around 3:15 p.m. on Jun 1, causing his genocide from vast blood loss, according to indictment.

Prosecutors pronounced a suspect feared for his reserve before determining to kill his son who had displayed aroused function in a family home ever given he was bullied during a famous private youth high school.

After graduating from high school, Kumazawa changed his son into his possess home in a Mejiro area of Tokyo though he changed behind to his parents’ home in a capital’s Nerima Ward a week before a incident, prosecutors said.

A day after Eiichiro returned to his parents’ home, he assaulted his father for bringing adult a emanate of some rubbish left during a Mejiro residence. After that, Kumazawa and his mother changed to live exclusively in a second building of their home.

The suspect motionless to kill his son and left a note saying, “I consider there is no other way,” prosecutors said. After a incident, he called military to news a stabbing.

The invulnerability organisation pronounced Wednesday that Eiichiro had formerly been diagnosed with schizophrenia and Asperger’s syndrome, adding a suspect “desperately upheld and cared for his eldest son.”

“He was unexpected compelled to kill him, meditative he would be killed otherwise,” his counsel said.

At a time of his arrest, inquisitive sources pronounced a suspect explained his actions were stirred by a fear his son competence mistreat children in an occurrence identical to a mass stabbing that occurred in Kawasaki a few days earlier.

But conjunction prosecutors nor a invulnerability organisation mentioned a blade conflict on a organisation of facile propagandize children and relatives that left dual passed and harmed some-more than a dozen others west of Tokyo. It was allegedly carried out by a 51-year-old hermit who lived with his aged uncle and aunt.

At a finish of a conference during a Tokyo District Court, prosecutors called on a organisation of citizen judges to listen to a evidence-based contribution presented in a case.

Kumazawa assimilated a foregoer to a plantation method in 1967 and became clamp apportion in 2001. He stepped down a following year amid critique over a ministry’s doing of a insane cow illness outbreak.

He went on to offer as Japan’s envoy to a Czech Republic from 2005 to 2008.

The box has drawn most open courtesy due to a vast series of amicable recluses, famous as “hikikomori,” aged 40 to 64 in Japan. The supervision estimates there to be 613,000 opposite a country.

As a relatives of hikikomori age, a supposed “8050 problem” has emerged as relatives in their 80s and their children in their 50s knowledge financial struggles.

Experts on hikikomori frequently call on family members to deliberate with specialized institutions or support groups as many relatives tend to censure themselves or select to censor their problems due to concerns about a compared amicable stigma.


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