Election debate: Johnson and Corbyn strife over Brexit

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Media captionBoris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn hermetic horns over a NHS, Brexit and a Royal Family

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn have clashed over Brexit in a initial TV choosing discuss of a campaign.

Mr Johnson betrothed to “end this inhabitant misery” and pronounced Labour offering “only multiplication and deadlock”.

Mr Corbyn pronounced Labour would “get Brexit sorted by giving you, a people, a final say”.

The dual leaders also hermetic horns over a NHS, trust and leadership, a destiny of Scotland – and a Royal Family.

BBC domestic editor Laura Kuenssberg pronounced it was not transparent if possibly organisation had won or mislaid a discuss yet it was distinguished how a assembly had been prepared to giggle during their statements.

A snap YouGov check suggested a open were uniformly separate on who had won a debate, “with many Labour citizens meditative Jeremy Corbyn won, many Conservative citizens meditative Boris Johnson won”.

SNP personality Nicola Sturgeon pronounced she was “not tender during all” by a discuss and pronounced conjunction male was “fit” to be primary minister.

Liberal Democrat Leader Jo Swinson discharged a performances of Mr Johnson and Mr Corbyn as “bluster and diversion from both of them”.

Green Party co-leader Sian Berry voiced dismay during a “climate chaos” emanate being “relegated to a quickfire turn in that debate”.

And Brexit Party personality Nigel Farage pronounced Mr Corbyn was a “better debater” yet criticised him for not observant if he would Leave or Remain in a destiny referendum.

The Lib Dems and SNP mislaid a probity plea to ITV’s preference not to embody their celebration leaders in a debate.

  • Lib Dems and SNP remove ITV discuss authorised challenge

The Conservative Party perceived criticism for rebranding one of a Twitter accounts as “factcheckUK” during a debate.

The NHS and Brexit

The initial half of a discuss was dominated by questions on Brexit.

Mr Johnson wants to win a infancy in 12 December’s ubiquitous choosing so he can get a Brexit understanding he struck with a EU into law and take a UK out of a confederation 31 Jan and start talks with Brussels on a permanent trade relationship.

Mr Corbyn says he would rip adult Mr Johnson’s agreement and negotiate a new understanding with a EU, with a etiquette kinship and a closer attribute with a singular market, that he would afterwards put to a open vote.

A quarrel pennyless out over a Labour leader’s explain that US health firms will be given entrance to a NHS in a post-Brexit trade deal.

Media captionMoment Corbyn produces ‘NHS dossier’

Mr Corbyn told a PM: “You are going to sell a National Health Service out to a United States and Big Pharma.”

He hold adult redacted accounts of “a array of tip meetings” with a US, in that a supervision due “full marketplace entrance for US products to a NHS.”

In response, Mr Johnson pronounced a claims were “an comprehensive invention” and that there were “no resources whatever in that this supervision or any Conservative supervision will put a NHS on a list in any trade negotiation.”

With Labour behind in a polls, tonight a risk was for Boris Johnson, to chuck divided his lead, and that didn’t happen.

And a eventuality was for Jeremy Corbyn to start shutting a opening and he didn’t conduct to take it.

This is a honestly useful election.

The preference a nation faces is between dual essentially opposite paths.

But what was distinguished too in Salford, where a discuss was held, was a willingness among a assembly to giggle during both men’s statements.

Read Laura’s full blog

The dual leaders afterwards clashed over either Brexit put a destiny of a kinship between England and Scotland during risk.

Mr Johnson claimed Labour would establish to another referendum on Scotland to get a support of a SNP and that isn’t a cost he would be peaceful to pay.

But Mr Corbyn called a PM’s comments “nonsense” and insisted his celebration would not form a bloc between with a SNP.


Asked about a emanate of trust, Mr Johnson pronounced a poisonous atmosphere in politics had been caused by MPs “repeatedly refusing to honour a referendum”.

The Labour personality pronounced “trust is something that has to be warranted and as a open deputy we have to listen”. He pronounced his character of care was to “listen to people and try to move consensus”.

Asked by ITV presenter Julie Etchingham if they would “make a gesture” to change a tinge of a debate, a span shook hands.

Some assembly members laughed during Mr Johnson’s matter on trust, while others laughed during Mr Corbyn’s statements on a Labour’s offer for a reduced operative week and his party’s Brexit stance.

Media captionThe dual leaders had incompatible views on a monarchy

On health, both organisation praised a NHS, with Mr Corbyn and Mr Johnson describing it as “one of a many courteous things about this country” and “one of a singular many pleasing and shining things about Britain” respectively.

However they fast differed over NHS management. Mr Corbyn called for an “end to privatisation” of services. Mr Johnson insisted his celebration was not privatising a NHS.

Asked if a kingdom was “fit for purpose”, Mr Corbyn replied: “Needs a bit of improvement.”

Mr Johnson said: “The establishment of a kingdom is over reproach.”

Asked if a Duke of York Prince Andrew was “fit for a purpose” following critique over his loyalty with a sex delinquent Jeffrey Epstein, Mr Corbyn pronounced there were “very, unequivocally critical questions that contingency be answered” adding “nobody should be above a law”.

Mr Johnson pronounced “The law contingency positively take a course.”

The final doubt pushed a leaders to contend what Christmas benefaction they would give any other. Mr Corbyn pronounced he would get a PM a duplicate of Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens “and afterwards he can know how nasty Scrooge was”.

Mr Johnson primarily pronounced he would buy a Labour personality “a duplicate of my shining Brexit deal” yet when pushed to give a “non-political answer” he pronounced he would get “some damson jam”.

Other celebration leaders grilled

Following a head-to-head between a Labour and Conservative leaders, a leaders of a Brexit Party, Greens, Lib Dems and SNP were interviewed alone on ITV.

During her interview, Lib Dem personality Jo Swinson emphasised her party’s antithesis to Brexit and pronounced she could offer a nation a “better future” than “those dual sleepy aged parties”.

She also pronounced her celebration had skeleton for a visit flyer taxation to assistance fight meridian change.

SNP personality Nicola Sturgeon pronounced “neither of these organisation should be means to establish Scotland’s future” and betrothed citizens that her celebration would safeguard people “escape a disharmony of Brexit”.

She also insisted “no understanding has been done” to form a bloc with a Labour Party in a eventuality of a hung Parliament.

Brexit Party personality Nigel Farage called a stream domestic complement “broken, decaying and corrupt” and pronounced he would change a voting complement and throw a House of Lords.

Last adult was Green Party co-leader Sian Berry, who indicted Mr Corbyn and Mr Johnson of unwell to scrupulously residence meridian change, that she pronounced would leave immature people feeling “let down”.

BBC discuss plans

The BBC will also horde a live head-to-head discuss between a Conservative and Labour leaders in Southampton on 6 December, and a seven-way lectern discuss between comparison total from a UK’s vital domestic parties on 29 November, live from Cardiff.

The Lib Dems have sent a authorised minute to a BBC over a preference not to embody Ms Swinson in a head-to-head.

BBC Scotland will theatre a televised discuss between a SNP, Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats on 10 December, nonetheless a Scottish Greens have criticised a preference not to embody them.

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  • Backbencher

    Term for an MP who is not a minister. They lay behind a front benches in a House of commons.

  • Ballot

    Another tenure for vote.

  • Ballot box

    A hermetic box with a cut in a lid. Voters place their list papers by a cut into a box. When polls tighten a boxes are non-stop and counting begins.

  • Ballot paper

    Paper containing a list of all possibilities hire in a constituency. Voters symbol their choice with a cross.

  • By-election

    An choosing hold between ubiquitous elections, customarily since a sitting MP has died or resigned.

  • Candidate

    Someone putting themselves adult for election. Once Parliament has been dissolved, there are no MPs, customarily candidates.

  • Canvassing

    During a campaign, active supporters of a celebration ask citizens who they will opinion for and try to drum adult support for their possess candidates.

  • Close of nominations

    The deadline for possibilities hire to send in a officials forms confirming their place in a election. This is customarily __ days before polling day.

  • Coalition

    When dual or some-more parties oversee together, when conjunction has an altogether majority. After a 2010 election, a Conservatives and Lib Dems shaped a coalition, that lasted for 5 years.

  • Confidence and supply

    A agreement between dual domestic parties where a smaller celebration agrees to support a incomparable one yet adequate MPs to have a infancy in parliament.

  • Conservative

    The Conservative celebration is

  • Constituency

    The geographical section that elects a singular MP. There are 650 in a UK.

  • Dead cat

    In politics, a ‘dead cat’ plan is when a thespian or marvellous story is disclosed to obstruct courtesy divided from something some-more damaging. The tenure comes from a judgment of an hypothetical passed cat being flung onto a dining table, causing a diners to turn dreaming by it.

  • Declaration

    The proclamation of a choosing outcome in any constituency.

  • Deposit

    A sum of £500 paid by possibilities or their parties to be authorised to stand. It is returned if a claimant wins 5% or some-more of a votes cast.

  • Devolution

    The commission of powers to other parliaments within a UK, privately a Scottish Parliament and Welsh and Northern Ireland Assemblies.

  • Devolved parliament

    The Scottish Parliament and Welsh and Northern Ireland assemblies are inaugurated by citizens in those nations of a UK. They make laws on routine areas tranquil by those nations such as health, sourroundings and education.

  • Dissolution of Parliament

    The act of finale a Parliament before an election. When council is dissolved there are no MPs, yet a primary apportion and other comparison ministers sojourn in their roles.

  • Electoral register / roll

    A list of everybody in a subdivision entitled to vote. Also famous as electoral roll.

  • Exit poll

    An exit check is a check of citizens withdrawal a voting station. They are asked how they have voted, and a formula are used to foresee what a altogether outcome of a choosing might be.

  • First past a post

    Term used to report a UK’s parliamentary choosing system. It means a claimant customarily needs to win a many votes in their subdivision to win a seat.

  • Gain

    When a celebration wins a subdivision from another party, it is pronounced to have “gained” it from a other.

  • General election

    Election during that all seats in a House of Commons are contested.

  • Hung parliament

    If after an choosing no celebration has an altogether majority, afterwards council is pronounced to be “hung”. The categorical parties will afterwards try to form a bloc with one or some-more of a teenager parties. Opinion polls have suggested that a hung council is a clever probability after a 2015 ubiquitous election.

  • Hustings

    A assembly a that possibilities residence intensity voters. The word comes from an aged Norse word definition “house of assembly”.

  • Independent

    A claimant who is not a member of any domestic celebration and is hire on their possess personal platform. To validate as an central domestic party, a celebration contingency be purebred with a Electoral Commission, a organization that administers elections in a UK.

  • Landslide

    The name given to an choosing that one celebration wins by a unequivocally vast margin. Famous landslides in UK elections embody Labour’s feat in 1945, a Conservative win in 1983 and a choosing that brought Tony Blair to energy in 1997.

  • Left wing

    A chairman or celebration with clever revolutionary policies or beliefs.

  • Liberal Democrat

    The name of a celebration occupying a centre belligerent of British politics. They were shaped from a former Liberal celebration and Social Democrats, a Labour crush group, and mix support for normal liberalism such as eremite toleration and sold freedom, with support for amicable justice.

  • Majority

    A infancy in Parliament means one side has during slightest one some-more opinion than all a other parties total and is therefore some-more expected to be means to pull by any legislative plans.

  • Majority government

    When one celebration wins some-more than half of a seats in a Commons, they can sequence alone in a infancy government

  • Mandate

    Politicians contend they have a mandate, or authority, to lift out a routine when they have a subsidy of a electorate.

  • Manifesto

    A open stipulation of a party’s ideas and policies, customarily printed during a campaign. Once in power, a supervision is mostly judged by how many of a declaration promises it manages to deliver.

  • Marginal

    Seats where a opening between a dual or some-more heading parties is comparatively small. Often regarded as reduction than a 10% domain or requiring a pitch (see below) of 5% or less, yet unequivocally contingent on prevalent domestic conditions.

  • Minority government

    A minority supervision is one that does not have a infancy of a seats in Parliament. It means a supervision is reduction expected to be means to pull by any legislative programme. Boris Johnson has suffered a series of defeats in Parliament over a no-deal Brexit since he does not have a majority.

  • MP

    Strictly this includes members of a House of Lords, yet in use means customarily members of a House of Commons. When an choosing is called Parliament is dissolved and there are no some-more MPs until it assembles again.

  • Nomination papers

    A claimant contingency be nominated on these papers by 10 citizens vital in a constituency.

  • Opinion poll

    A consult seeking people’s opinion on one or some-more issues. In an choosing campaign, a pivotal doubt is customarily about that celebration people will opinion for.

  • Opposition

    The largest celebration not in supervision is famous as a central opposition. It receives additional parliamentary appropriation in approval of a status.

  • Party Election Broadcast

    Broadcasts done by a parties and transmitted on TV or radio. By agreement with a broadcasters, any celebration is authorised a certain series according to a choosing strength and series of possibilities fielded.

  • Percentage swing

    The pitch shows how distant voter support for a celebration has altered between elections. It is distributed by comparing a commission of a opinion won in a sold choosing to a figure performed in a prior election.

  • Polling day

    Election day

  • Polling station

    Place where people go to expel their votes

  • Postal vote

    People incompetent to get to a polling hire are authorised to opinion by post if they request in advance.

  • Proportional illustration (PR)

    Any voting complement where a share of seats represents a share of votes is described as proportional representation. The UK now has a initial past a post system.

  • Prorogation

    Parliament is customarily prorogued, or suspended, forward of an choosing or Queen’s Speech to concede for preparations. In Sep 2019 Boris Johnson attempted to prorogue Parliament for 5 weeks, yet a Supreme Court after ruled a prorogation wrong and MPs returned to Parliament.

  • Psephologist

    A chairman who studies voting and voting patterns.

  • Purdah

    This is a time between a proclamation of an choosing and a final choosing results. During this duration media organisations have to safeguard any domestic stating is offset and is not expected to change a outcome of a election.

  • Recount

    If a outcome is close, any claimant might ask for a recount. The routine can be steady several times if required until a possibilities are satisfied. The returning officer has a final contend on either a relate takes place.

  • Returning officer

    The central in assign of elections in any of a constituencies. On choosing night they review out a formula for any claimant in alphabetical sequence by surname.

  • Right wing

    Someone who is right wing in politics customarily supports tradition and authority, as good as capitalism. The Conservative celebration is regarded as a categorical centre-right celebration in a UK.

  • Safe seat

    A protected chair is a subdivision where an MP has a amply vast infancy to be deliberate unwinnable by a opposition.

  • Spin room

    The try to place a enlightened interpretation on an eventuality so that people or a media will appreciate it in that way. Those behaving this act are famous as spin doctors.

  • Spoiled ballot

    Any list paper that is not noted clearly, eg with some-more than one box ticked or with essay scrawled opposite it, is described as a marred list and does not count towards a result.

  • Tactical voting

    This is when people opinion not for a celebration they unequivocally support, yet for another celebration in sequence to keep out a some-more disliked rival.

  • Target seat

    In theory, any chair that a celebration contests and hold by a antithesis is one of a targets. In practice, a aim chair is one that a celebration believes it can win and puts a lot of bid into doing so.

  • Turnout

    Turnout is a commission of authorised citizens who expel a list on polling day.

  • Vote of no confidence

    It is customarily a personality of a opposition, now Jeremy Corby, who calls for a opinion of no confidence, in an try to disintegrate a government. If some-more MPs opinion for a suit than opposite it, afterwards a supervision has 14 days to try to win behind a certainty of MPs by another opinion – while a antithesis parties try to form an choice government. If zero is resolved, afterwards a ubiquitous choosing is triggered.

  • Westminster

    The UK Parliament is located in a Palace of Westminster in a centre of London and a tenure is mostly used as an choice to Parliament.

  • Working majority

    A operative infancy in Parliament is what a supervision needs to lift out a legislative programme yet risk of defeat. It means a supervision can rest on during slightest one some-more opinion than a antithesis parties. However, in a stream Parliament, a supervision no longer has a infancy and MPs from a operation of antithesis parties have assimilated army to form a parliamentary infancy large adequate to better a supervision over skeleton for a no-deal Brexit.

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