Brexit: EU ‘refusing to negotiate’, says Gove

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Media captionMichael Gove says it is “wrong” of a EU to exclude to re-open talks

Cabinet apportion Michael Gove says a EU “seem to be refusing to negotiate with a UK” over a new Brexit deal.

Mr Gove, who is obliged for no-deal planning, pronounced he was “deeply saddened” that Brussels was, in his words, observant “no, we don’t wish to talk”.

It comes after a EU pronounced UK final to mislay the Irish backstop from Theresa May’s understanding were unacceptable.

Irish PM Leo Varadkar has reiterated that a withdrawal deal, including a backstop, can't be renegotiated.

The European Commission pronounced it was peaceful to reason serve talks, “should a UK wish to explain a position”.

Meanwhile, a organisation of politicians has started a authorised action directed during preventing Boris Johnson shutting down Parliament to force by a no-deal Brexit.

Theresa May’s understanding has been deserted 3 times by MPs and as things stand, a UK will leave a EU on 31 Oct either it has concluded a new one or not.

On Monday, EU negotiators told European diplomats there was now no basement for “meaningful discussions” and talks were behind where they were 3 years ago.

A comparison EU diplomat reportedly pronounced a no-deal Brexit seemed to be a UK government’s “central scenario”.

Addressing those suggestions, Mr Gove said: “At a moment, it’s a EU that seems to be observant they’re not interested, they are simply observant ‘no, we don’t wish to talk’.

“I consider that’s wrong and sad, it’s not in Europe’s interests”, he added.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab denied ministers were now aiming for a no-deal exit, insisting a UK would “strain any sinew to get a changes we need”.

Speaking to a BBC during a outing to Canada on Tuesday, he pronounced a EU had so distant shown “no movement, no compromise, no flexibility” over changing a agreement deserted by Parliament.

“Of course, if a EU don’t move, if they’re stubbornly intransigent, afterwards we will leave on WTO [World Trade Organization] rules,” he added.

Media captionDominic Raab: “We sought charge for no-deal Brexit”

Monday’s EU assembly followed contention final week between a EU and a PM’s European envoy, David Frost, where he reiterated Mr Johnson’s position that a uphold devise contingency be private from Mrs May’s deal.

He also lifted concerns about a UK’s “divorce bill” and a due purpose of a European Court of Justice, a EU’s tip court, after Brexit.

Many opponents of Mrs May’s understanding bring concerns over a uphold – an insurance policy to forestall a tough limit returning on a island of Ireland – that if implemented, would see Northern Ireland staying aligned to some manners of a EU singular market.

It would also engage a proxy singular etiquette territory, effectively gripping a whole of a UK in a EU etiquette union. These arrangements would request unless and until both a EU and UK concluded they were no longer necessary.

Media captionConfused by Brexit jargon? Reality Check unpacks a basics.

Speaking on Tuesday in Belfast, Mr Varadkar told reporters he did not accept that a no-deal Brexit was unavoidable, adding there were “a series of ways” in that it could be avoided.

He pronounced these options enclosed ratifying Mrs May’s deal, serve fluctuating a UK’s EU membership, or a UK cancelling Brexit by revoking Article 50.

Mr Varadkar pronounced he had invited Mr Johnson to Dublin for talks on Brexit, and other issues, with “no preconditions”.


The BBC’s Brussels contributor Adam Fleming pronounced a EU was grappling with how to understanding with a primary apportion in Boris Johnson who was perfectionist things they were not prepared to give.

He pronounced a EU had not given adult yet, and all eyes would be on a G7 limit in France during a finish of August, that many trust could be a impulse of law – a indicate during that a no-deal Brexit might turn inevitable.

Earlier, Mr Johnson met his initial unfamiliar personality given entering Downing Street – Estonian Prime Minister Juri Ratas.

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Image caption

Estonian Prime Minister Juri Ratas met Boris Johnson during No 10

The country’s Foreign Minister, Urmas Reinsalu, pronounced progressing that while a “reality” was a withdrawal agreement – including a uphold – had been jointly concluded by EU member states, there was still a need for continued discourse in a entrance weeks to equivocate a no-deal Brexit.

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme alternatives to a uphold could be discussed after a resolution of a withdrawal deal.

Last week a supervision announced an additional £2.1bn of funding to prepared for a no-deal Brexit – doubling a volume of income it has set aside this year.

The skeleton embody some-more Border Force officers and upgrades to ride infrastructure during ports, as good as some-more income to tackle queues in Kent combined by delays during a Channel.

Mr Gove pronounced a government’s preparations for no understanding had been stepped adult and “the days of deposit that we have had in a past have ended”.

He pronounced a devise to take a UK out of a EU by 31 Oct was a “firm deadline”, and “we will be prepared to leave come what may”.

Analysis by Jonathan Blake, BBC domestic correspondent

Not for a initial time a Brexit routine appears to be deadlocked. Both sides contend they’re peaceful to speak and both sides wish to equivocate withdrawal but a deal.

But a UK and a EU are not negotiating since any has a position that a other says it can’t accept.

For a time being design some-more tough speak from supervision ministers and identical from a EU.

But earlier or later, if both sides unequivocally do wish to equivocate withdrawal but an agreement, someone or something will have to give.

Come Sep when MPs lapse from their summer mangle there might be some-more attempts to forestall no deal, a pierce to force a ubiquitous choosing – maybe a pointed change in a government’s position.

There’s zero like a deadline to concentration minds and if this one sticks, things could start to occur really fast.

This summer event can usually final so long.

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