Animal testing: Turkish beekeeper finds thieving bears cite reward honey

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A beekeeper in Turkey who was tormented by a quite determined organisation of bears has detected a surpassing truth: a animals have really costly tastes when it comes to honey.

Ibrahim Sedef, an operative from Trabzon, north-east of Ankara on a Turkey’s Black Sea coast, struggled to keep his bee hives out of a hands of internal bears, notwithstanding building storage houses and steel cages.

Over 3 years he estimates he might have mislaid some-more than $10,000 value of honey.

Food decoys, including apples, unsuccessful to obstruct a intruders.

So he motionless to set adult recording equipment to lane a bears and inadvertently embarked on animal contrast of a opposite kind.

Sedef set adult 4 bowls; 3 contained opposite forms of sugar – flower, reddish-brown and Anzer – and one had cherry jam. He wanted to see that one a bears preferred.

Turkish Consulate LA

Anzer sugar is a best, gourmets show… Highly recommended😀

August 21, 2019

The footage suggested they had really costly taste. Their favourite, Anzer honey, is believed to be a many costly sugar in a world. It is constructed from a nectar of 90 flowers that grow usually in a plateau of a Anzer plateau.

Tara Lazar

OK, a bee rancher was sleepy of bears hidden his honey, so he incited them into ambience testers. This is a #picturebook!

August 28, 2019

In further to being tasty to bears, some trust Anzer sugar has recovering qualities for a prolonged list of ailments, including stomach pains, hair detriment and wound treatment. It can sell for as most as $300 (£250) a kilogram.

Despite his losses, Ibrahim Sedef is philosophical about his inspired visitors. “Despite all this, when we see a footage, we forget all a mistreat they have finished to me, and adore them,” he said.

Brown bears are a largest carnivores in Turkey and especially live nearby a Black Sea and Eastern Anatolian regions.

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