8 bizarre superstitions that a Germans reason dearly

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1. Spit on your associate actors’ shoulders before a play

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Theatres are famously fallacious places, and theatres in Germany are no different. British and American thespians cheerily tell any other to “break a leg” before a premiere to equivocate bad luck, yet Germans take it a small serve and separate on any other’s left shoulders. Make certain we usually do so once you’re in dress though. or it won’t work. And during a same time we have to say: “Toi Toi Toi.”

3. Never give knives as gifts

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Giving a German knives as a benefaction means that you’re slicing by a friendship, so make certain we drive transparent when looking for a house-warming present. And equivocate gifting your partner shoes, too. It is pronounced that if they afterwards run divided it is your fault.

4. Never wish someone a happy birthday before a tangible day

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Whenever we tinkle eyeglasses with anyone, always remember to contend eye hit or we could be accursed with bad sex. Regardless of who you’re with or what you’re drinking, bear this in mind as a abuse lasts for 7 years.

Nobody unequivocally knows where this damned comes from, yet some contend that it could date behind to a center ages when poisoning was really common. Eye hit was ostensible to settle trust between hosts and guest that zero was tainted yet the consequences would’ve been somewhat worse than a few years of bad sex, namely death.

6. Never light cigarettes from candles

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Given that we can’t fume in many open spaces anymore and a fact that candles and matches have been transposed by lighters as a elite process of lighting cigarettes, we substantially won’t mangle this order anytime soon. Good thing too, as it is pronounced that each time we do, a soldier dies.

The reason for this damned is indeed utterly judicious as in ancient days sailors used to make matches to waves them over in a winter months when they couldn’t go out to sea. Therefore, by regulating a candle instead of a match, we were robbing sailors of their proxy living.

7. Always hit on a list when we lay down in a pub

Photo: DPA

Whenever we arrive during a pub or bar, we should always hit twice on a table. Why? To uncover your friends that we aren’t a demon of course! According to legend, a Stammtisch, a regular’s list in a tavern, was traditionally done of ash that a demon was incompetent to hold as a tree was holy. Knocking on a list valid we weren’t a demon in disguise. It is always good to be certain after all.

8. Being overwhelmed by a funnel sweep

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